2023 Landscape Print of the Year

This competition also took place on 6 March, with a total of seventeen entries being submitted. The scope of the entries was considerable, ranging from mountain vistas to abandoned buildings set in the landscape. Further technical difficulties led Amanda Wright, our judge, resorting to unique ways of judging a print competition. Amanda proved to be very amenable and despite all the difficulties joined in to the full so that the competition could be concluded. We were very appreciative of the lengths that Amanda went to fulfil her task.

In this competition Amanda was tasked with choosing a single print, that she judged to be the ‘best on the night’. Her choice was ‘The Matterhorn’, by Marilyn Steward. Amanda was particularly taken with the composition of the image and the elements contained within it. With this image, and several during the night, Amanda commented on the high standard of printing and presentation skills.

‘The Matterhorn’ by Marilyn Steward

Amanda also ‘commended’ two images submitted by Tony Scialo. They were ‘Sunrise at the Lonely Tree’ and ‘Island of Lake Sils’.

‘Island of Lake Sils’ by Tony Scialo
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