A new award to aim for?

There is a new addition to the long established PAGB ‘Awards of Photographic Merit’ (APM). The award, which is known as the ‘Badge’ (BPAGB) is intended to be a new, initial, step on the ladder of distinctions towards the ultimate PAGB accolade, the ‘Master Award’ (MPAGB). Unlike RPS Distinctions, which require continuous membership and payment to use them, PAGB awards require a single payment and once gained can be used for life.

Currently, the Badge Award is ONLY AVAILABLE TO PRINTWORKERS. To gain the award entrants must submit SEVEN, mounted prints. The prints can be of any subject matter. They are not assessed as a panel, as is the case with RPS Distinctions. Each print is considered by a group of six PAGB Adjudicators. Individually, they award a score of between 2 to 5. Thus, the maximum mark a print can be awarded is 30 (6 x 5). Entrants who achieve a total combined score of 125, or more, from their seven prints will receive the award.

An extract from the PAGB website reads:
“The images needed to achieve the Badge Award can be described as approaching “Good Club Photography”. Photographs which meet the requirement for BPAGB will probably do well in a good Club in an Advanced Section of their internal competitions or in Inter-Club competitions, the kind of image which a Club may sometimes choose to represent them in Federation events.

However, this is simply offered as general guidance since there is no such thing as a consistent “Club Standard”. The quality of photography varies considerably from Club to Club and what is “Good” in one Club may not be so successful in another one”.

Entrants must have been active members of a PAGB affiliated club, such as Edmonton CC, for a minimum of two years. The entry fee is £42, with a re-entry fee of £40.

APM assessments normally take place in May and November each year.

Full details of all APM awards can be found on the PAGB website.

Fancy the challenge?

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