Bang on Target

On Monday 22 Nov. members were given the opportunity to view the sports related images of Andrew Moss. Andrew avoids the glitz and glamour of ‘pro sports’ and specialises instead on those that are minority, niche or obscure. The talk was full of examples of different sports including canoeing, darts, cycling, lacrosse, roller derby, croquet and ‘chess boxing.’  There are galleries of around fifty different sports on Andrew’s website.  Most of the images were shot in the UK but they also included others from around Europe.

Andrew described the challenges around taking different sports and his approaches to each of them. He took us through the equipment and settings he uses and his processing techniques. Andrew’s aim, when taking sports images, is to isolate the participant from any distracting background where possible. Also, by use of a very shallow depth of field in his images, to make the viewer concentrate on the key actions of the sports participants.

It was a very enjoyable and informative evening which showed just how dedicated to his craft Andrew is. It also showed how through research and perseverance one can produce images that match those of pro photographers if you try hard enough.

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