Boat Wreck Trip

Outing to Hoo, St. Werborough posted in by trip arranger Jenny Burden

When:          Saturday 24th March 2018
Where:        Hoo, St. Werborough, Kent
Weather:     Good but overcast. A little chilly.
Who came: Hatim, Maggie, Christine, John and Jenny

We left home early and arrived at the QE2 bridge only to discover that there had been an accident and we sat there for a while waiting to move. We did after some time get on our way, eventually get to the coast for about 10am. We donned our wellies and boots and got to the business at hand. There were about 8 or 9 wrecked boats in various degrees of dilapidation. We spread out and enjoyed trying out different techniques with our cameras. The boats were full of green mould and holes. Some were only part remnants laying on their sides and others just the spines of the boats left. There was so much imagery to capture.

Suddenly, I looked over at Maggie and she was groping around in the mud and missing a boot. She had left it in the mud 6 inches down, her socked foot covered in glutinous mud. I said to her, “what are you doing Maggie”, she said “well I was thinking of retrieving my boot, but I don’t think I will bother”. She managed to pull her foot out and splodged over to a rock, I ran back to the car and got a spare pair of socks and walking boots from my car. Once changed she carried on taking her photos like nothing had happened. I personally think she wanted paying for entertaining us all. Sadly there is no photographic evidence of the said escapade. What a lady!!!

We stayed until about 2pm and had our lunch in my car then left for home. I think everyone had a productive photographic day. Both Maggie and I agreed that we would certainly come back for more.

Next Trip 10th June, 2018

Edmonton Camera club trip to Hoo, St. Werborough

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