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A Master of His Craft

Last Monday we had a great evening of photography with Ken Lindsay MPAGB EFIAP. Using examples of his landscape, travel, nature and architectural images, Ken showed how he raises images from record shots to award […]

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Making the most of your images

On Monday 13th May we will be entertained by Ken Lindsay MPAGB EFIAP with the above titled talk. In this Ken describes his approach to photography by reviewing a selection of images covering a variety […]

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Images with Impact

On Monday we had a great evening with Lloyd Moore DPAGB BPE5* at Millfield House who gave us the benefit of the years of his experience as a judge to show what makes a great image. His […]

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The Art of Story Telling – The Extra Element

On Monday 22nd April we will see Lloyd Moore DPAGB BPE5* at Millfield House for his talk with the above title. Lloyd will show us how to ensure our images can be made to go […]

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Photographing the Invisible

On Monday Gareth Davies presented us with an esoteric glimpse into his world of photography of the invisible. He demonstrated photographing reflected infra-red using modified standard cameras and progressed through to emitted infra-red photography using […]

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What you can’t see…

On Monday 19th February 2024 we will welcome a long-standing friend Gareth Davies to Millfield House. For those of you who have seen Gareth’s talks before you know how entertaining and esoteric they are. This […]

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A Wide Ranging Talk

On Monday we had a Zoom talk from Gary Langley DPAGB. Fabulous pictures and a wide range of subjects kept everyone interested and all enjoyed it. Gary’s knowledge of the technical side and his eye […]

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Faces and Places

On Monday 29th January 2024 we have a Zoom talk from Gary Langley DPAGB entitled Faces and Places. Gary will talk about the places he visits and the people he meets, talking about a mixture […]

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Theatre Photography

A fantastic talk on Monday at Millfield House from Cat Humphries showing her progression from taking a few photos at an amateur theatre production through a large project creating all the publicity and programme for […]

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On the Stage

On the 22nd January 2024 we will welcome back Cat Humphries to Millfield House for her talk Theatre Photography – From the Edinburgh Fringe to Sunset Boulevard. Cat will take us through her 30 year […]

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So Many Rules!

On Monday night Sue Clark AWPF LRPS CPAGB took us through the many rules of composition including the Rule of Thirds, the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci Sequence and many others that have been developed over […]

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On Monday 4th December 2023 we will be joined on Zoom by Sue Clark AWPF LRPS CPAGB who with take us through some of the basic and not so basic ‘Rules’ of composition, observance of […]

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A Little goes a long way

A great evening on Monday from Dr Neil Scott FRPS EFIAP/s expounding his methods for producing images exhibiting minimalism. A very interesting set of images had the member glued to their screens and many questions […]

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On Monday 6th November 2023 we welcome Neil Scott FRPS EFIAP/s via Zoom for his talk Minimalism My Way. Neil will explain his approach to simplicity in photographic images and also his passion for the […]

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Third Time Excellence

On Monday we had another fantastic lecture from David Keep FBPE, this time with Underwater Photography – Behind the Scenes. Fabulous images and videos showing all the planning and activity around the making of them kept […]

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UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY 3 – behind the scenes

On Monday 23rd October we will be entertained via Zoom once again by David Keep FBPE, our favourite underwater photographer. In this talk David will focus more on how he gets the shot. For each […]

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Getting Physical

On Monday 16th October Naomi Saul ARPS DPAGB EFIAP ASWINWP visited us at Millfield House for a print presentation. It was good to see prints for a change and after showing each print and talking […]

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On Monday 16th October 2023 we will be visited at Millfield House by a long-standing friend of the Club, Naomi Saul ARPS DPAGB EFIAP ASWINWP. Naomi will be presenting some of her prints in a […]

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We were treated to a brilliant talk from Ann Miles MPAGB FRPS on Monday. Loads of fabulous images and techniques for members to try for themselves made for a very entertaining and educational evening. Ann […]

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Inspiration and Motivation in Photography

On Monday 9th October we have a Zoom talk by Ann Miles MPAGB FRPS entitled Inspiration and Motivation in Photography This is a wide-ranging talk touching on where inspiration can be found and ways of […]

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