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We had the real privilege of a visit from Chris Shepherd of Harlow Camera Club at our last meeting. Edmonton Camera Club member and Membership Secretary, John McAndrew, has written the following about the evening. (Click the images for a closer look)

Chris Shepherd gave an entertaining and informative talk to the Club entitled “MY CAMERA”

Incoming! by Chris Shepherd

He explained how his camera had led, among other things, to his capturing straightforward record images and using these along with historical images to document changes over decades. He went on to contrast how he used his camera to register changes over hours or less due to things like tidal movements and changes in the weather.

It seems Chris’s camera has a lot to answer for in getting him and others into scrapes including his nearly being swept out to sea and on one occasion causing his mother to get more than a little tipsy.

In the second part of his talk Chris related how his camera had encouraged him to tidy his ‘shed’ so that he could do some studio photography in the space created. He went on to show us some of those studio images along with some tips and techniques he used to produce them.

Chris’s relaxed delivery along with some humorous anecdotes and great images provided us with a very enjoyable and stimulating evening.


Thanks to Chris Shepherd for his talk and John for the write up.

Pencils by Chris shepherd

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