Club Night 22nd October

Edmonton Camera CubJust a bit of warning about our club evening coming up on 22nd October – it should be an interesting evening, way too good to be missed. 

Malcolm is going to demonstrate how to use the PhotoEntry system that will be used in future for submitting digital images to club competitions. People will need to use it in advance of the next Projected Digital Image competition which will be held on 29th October. Be there, or be confused! Actually it’s really user friendly but we can all benefit from a bit of expert tuition (as a part time trainer that’s my position and I’ll defend it to the end!) There will be a summary on how to use the system on the competitions page.

Edmonton Camera ClubThe other part of the evening will be a chance to see how we did on the recent club nights that Andrew has run. These included the “Francesa the Fireater” evening and  the trio of flora, fromage and frolics with a skate board that were set up for the delight of the club.  Could members please resize up to 6 of their pictures to 1050 x 1400 and send them to Malcolm by Thursday 18th October using the email address 

This isn’t planned to be a beauty contest of the best pictures but review of how we got and and what we might still have to learn. Please don’t be worried if they are not competition quality but be prepared to discuss what were trying to achieve, the trials and the tribulations. So that’s up to half a dozen images to at 1050 x 1400 to Malcolm by 18th October.


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