Copped Hall Macro Course

Jen has arranged a course for Edmonton Camera Club members on 20th July 2019

The course is designed for a maximum of 10 participants with the aim of teaching how to take pictures in close-up to reveal detail often invisible to the naked eye.  

This type of photography poses several technical challenges and Peter will work through each of these both by an introductory talk and then by practical demonstration.  In the morning session he will provide a number of subjects – flowers from the gardens, lichen from tree bark and a selection of carnivorous plants – which will be set up for photography within the mansion.  Peter is often able to provide a few surprise items as well such as snakes’ skins, fungi and insects.  The delegates can either work alone or as a group to investigate the best focus methods and lighting techniques.

In the afternoon, after a lunch of soup with bread followed by cakes, the group will, weather willing, move to the Walled Garden to try its hand at photographing moving subjects such as dragonflies and butterflies.

Cost is £50 – please let Jen know as soon as possible if you would like to go on either  or

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