Digital Image of the Year

Monday 16 April was Edmonton Camera Club’s digital image of the year competition. Everyone who had entered images during the season were invited to select four pictures to compete in the last digital image competition for 2017 / 18. We can hope that these were the best of the best for the year.

The judge for the evening was Sue Dobson CPAGB APAGB who took a workmanlike approach to dealing with the 74 entries. After an initial viewing she was able to whittle the pack down to around 20 images but competition was tough. A little more thought led to some other pictures being dismissed and suddenly we were down to the final three. And here they are (click on each one for a larger version).

They are “Dance Until You Are Set Free” by Andrew Ridley, “Old Lady” by Jenny Burden and the overall winner “Jetty”, Phil Dockerill 

Thanks to Sue Dobson for managing what must have been an excessive workload with grace and good humour

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