Dominos – Nothing to do with Pizza!!!

Colin Southgate

I used to play Dominoes as a kid.

It was a scoring game where you had to try and get the ends of the rows to add up to a multiple of 3 or 5 – did you ever do that? If you got a total of 6, that was 2 points because it was 2 times 3. A total of 18 scored 6 points (6 x 3). Better than that, if the ends added up to 15 you scored 8 points (I’ll leave you to work out why). 

If you think that sounds complicated, it’s nothing compared with the complexity that Colin Southgate faced at Edmonton Camera Club on Monday. Three clubs, Edmonton Camera Club, Muswell Hill Photographic Society and Barnet & Finchley Photographic Society, came together for the annual Domino competition. Each club took a turn to project an initial image and the other two had limited time to select and display a picture to match in some way. Colin’s role was to accept or reject the “matching” images and then select the best picture from each set. Is this a job you would wish on your worst enemy?

Colin did an amazing job. He remained unperturbed when faced with combinations like a fire-breather compared with an inverted monkey on a pole, or an anonymous d├ęcolletage compared with an abstract picture with swirly taffeta and a pyramid. Each option was evaluated quickly and with considerable assurance and confidence. The spectators thoroughly enjoyed the evening – you could tell from the laughter and good natured banter.

Each club or society had a turn at the lead during the evening but at the end of proceedings Muswell Hill PS had 37 points, Barnet & Finchley PS had 44 and Edmonton had 45. Some have said that success was as much to do with the strategic choice of images made by Nick Clark and Jenny Burden as the quality of the images. I’ll leave the people present to draw their own conclusion.

It was a great evening so thanks to all of the clubs for entering in the right spirit and Colin for keeping things rolling along with knowledge and humour – have a look at his website when you have an hour.

Additionally, it was a special event for one lady who has been a long time supporter of Edmonton Camera Club, but that’s another story.


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