EAF Inter-Club Championship

After a break of several years, it has been decided that the Club will enter the EAF Inter-Club PDI Championships again in 2019. We need to ensure that we have the best possible entry to represent our talents. To that end members are invited to submit UP TO FIVE digital images that they believe are their best work. The images can previously have been used for either PDI or print competitions. There is no age limit for entries and they can also be new work.

Please note that the size of the images is different from our usual PDI competitions.  It is Maximum width 1600 pixels, maximum height 1200 pixels.

All other aspects are the same:

Colour space – sRGB (In full – sRGB IEC61966-2.1)

Mode – RGB Colour 8 bit/channel or Greyscale 8 bit/channel

File Format – JPEG (.jpg) only, saved at its finest setting (12 in Photoshop).

EXIF Data – Title and author name

Images must be submitted using the ‘old’ submission method i.e. by email attachment to the competition email address – ecc.comps@yahoo.co.uk

The closing date for submission is midnight on Thursday 6 December.

Selection will take place, by a method yet to be decided, on Monday 10 December. If you can make it please come along as we endeavour to choose the strongest possible entry to represent the Club. It should be an interesting, fun and informative evening.

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