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Monday night saw Louis Berk (http://www.louisberk.com/) presenting two sets of images to the Club. The first entitled “School Work” was a day in the life of an East End school showing all aspects, front of house and behind the scenes, using photographs taken in Louis’ place of work. Fascinating and illuminating about the time and effort put in by all members of the schools to make the day run smoothly.

The second presentation was entitled “Whitechapel Eye” and Louis showed some excellent images of the lesser known areas of this part of London. One main takeaway lesson – Get up early to avoid the traffic (in your photos).

A great evening.

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  1. maggie hughes 24/05/2019 at 3:41 pm #

    I was swept along by Louis’ enthusiasm. His picture story of a school day showed how having a project concentrates your mind on your photography and encourages planning.
    “Whitechapel Eye” demonstrated the images that you can find when you wander off the usual well trodden paths
    An interesting evening.

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