Gareth Davies 3D Photography

Our regular geek lecturer Gareth Davies gave us a fascinating talk on 3D photography on the 21st January. He covered the history of 3D, demonstrated with some bizarre cameras and other props and went through to the present day with Brian May’s project to bring old 3D Photographs to a modern audience. He got the audience to wear coloured glasses while he showed images changed to 3D in the computer.

It was the first time he had given this particular talk and it went exceedingly well with everyone enjoying themselves.

Some links to resources he provided:

· Stereoscopic Society:
· Professor Ian Christie, for more on the history of stereo cards, etc.:
· London Stereoscopic Company:
· Masuji Suto for excellent free software like StereoPhoto Maker: or search for 3DSteroid for Android or i3DSteroid for iPhone/iPad
· Bill Hibbert’s publication of Jacques Henri Lartigue’s stereoscopic photos:
· Stereo Realist advertising:

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