‘Guess What it is Quiz’ Evening

The Club’s alternative meetings via ‘Zoom’ continued on Monday 18th.  On this occasion the topic was a ‘Guess What it is Quiz’ competition.  During the preceding week members had submitted images of objects found in or around the home.  There were 32 images to be shared in total.  The images were shown for thirty seconds and during that time participants had to record what they thought the image was.

There were some quite recognisable images, some not so easy ones and some that were downright obscure.  After a second showing participants were invited to declare themselves as the author, as appropriate, and state what the item was.  That led some good-humoured remarks and banter as the ‘scoring’ proceeded.  At the conclusion Barbara and Nick ran out the winners.  They had no doubt used their deductive skills honed during murder mystery weekends.

It was generally agreed that the ‘best’ image of the night photographically was that of a hinge taken by Andrew and shown here.

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