Happy Easter

A band of keen members joined Andrew for the latest Studio Night at Millfield House on Monday. The theme of the evening was eggs and, of course, at this time of the year that includes hot cross buns and Easter eggs.

The evening commenced with a discussion around ‘rules of composition’, their relevance and usage. Andrew projected example images which typified the most commonly held ‘rules’ and the group discussed how the image was enhanced, or otherwise, by their application.

We then moved on to taking images. The first challenge was to use anything around us and the contents of Andrew’s props box, to take an image of two hen’s eggs – no they were not hardboiled! Those present did not stint on ideas and were delighted to be taking images once again. Pleased to report that no eggs were harmed or broken during the activity.

The third activity of the evening was to set up and take a studio type setup on an Easter theme. This included numerous hot cross buns, mini-Easter eggs, and a few props. Andrew took us though the lighting setup and demonstrated how the use of reflectors and modifiers can really change the scene. Those present enjoyed taking the images and trying to capture the scene with icing sugar falling from above. We must report that on this occasion a few of the chocolate mini eggs were consumed in the process!

At the end of the evening everybody helped to pack away the numerous bits of kit and props supplied by Andrew, and all thanked him for his endeavors. No doubt we will be seeing the techniques learned on the evening being used in forthcoming competitions.

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