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On Monday Chris Palmer FRPS DPAGB APAGB EFIAP showed us some of his excellent images taken in the landscape and ranging from wide views to close-ups, full vistas to small details. Along the way he talked about numerous techniques from exposure settings, changing perspectives from using different focal lengths and relative subject distances, the best Zoom (your legs!), the effects of aperture, ISO and shutter speed settings, filters and numerous photographic “tricks”.

A thoroughly entertaining and enlightening evening.

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  1. mahandra roopchan 05/11/2021 at 11:01 pm #

    I’ve always enjoyed and found the speakers very informative and this season is no exception . I was happy to learn that even the most experienced photographers don’t aim to produce work of the highest level by which i mean that they should be of competition quality.
    I found that Chris has his own style of photography which he does to satisfy himself, he made clear more than once that some of his images wouldn’t do well in competition which is reassuring as I’m sure I’m not the only one who may find something worth capturing which may not do so well in competition but to the author may be a gem in it’s own right.

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