It’s a Tie – Twice!

Last Monday (9 May) we entertained visitors from Wight Vision CC for a PDI Battle delivered via Zoom. Our judge for the evening was Colin Southgate FRPS DPAGB, a long time friend of Edmonton.

Each Club had selected twenty-five images to represent a cross section of their work. Virtually all genres of photography were to be seen including portraits, landscapes, still-life, sport, and natural history. However, it was the latter category that was most evident, with some fine examples on view. Colin delivered another fine judging performance analyzing each image and drawing attention to the attributes that led him to award the score that he gave.

After every image, including the ten ‘held back’, had been scored, each Club had a total of 438 points – the result was a tie. However, the ‘rules’ for the competition stated that should such an outcome occur the Club with the greatest number of top scores would be declared the winner. Checking the scoresheet revealed that both teams had two images scoring a maximum twenty points. Thus, result was a tie once again and the competition was deemed to be a draw.

At the conclusion of the evening Andrew thanked Colin for the professionalism with which he approached his task and for his ever engaging style. Andrew’s comments and thanks were echoed by Karen-Jane Dudley, Chair of Wight Vision. Karen said that she and her members had very much enjoyed the evening which had provided them with much appreciated experience in interclub battles.

Edmonton would like to congratulate the authors of their highest scoring images. They were Derek Webster for ‘Early Morning Call’, and Steve Knox for ‘Electric Guitar’.

‘Early Morning Call’ by Derek Webster
‘Electric Guitar’ by Steve Knox
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