It’s all in the Shadows

On Monday 21st Oct. we were joined by two very friendly young models – Fenice and Alycia. For all of us it was an evening of experimentation as for the first time we tackled ‘body projection’. This involves projecting a pattern or image on to a face or the human form.

Once again Andrew brought along the necessary equipment and the room was divided with a screen so that two groups could work simultaneously. We tried with projected images of various patterns and subjects, some were more successful than others. Our models were very willing participants, gracefully switching from pose to pose, despite being under a bright light source.

Because of the experimental nature one could never be sure if you had ‘got it right’. However everybody had lots of opportunities to take images and engage.

At the end of the evening everybody expressed themselves pleased with the event and gave the two models a rousing round of applause.

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