Full Membership

If you are considering membership, you can attend up to four times either online or at Millfield for a nominal fee of £3. Fees are outlined below and payable when you join. These help to pay for the fantastic venue and our guest speakers. Full members can then participate in competitions. Renewals fall due every September. To join as a full member, please send us a message via the contact page.

ECC Online

For the 2023/2024 season we are continuing an additional membership called ECC ONLINE. This membership will enable you to attend the clubs 15 online meetings, which include many great talks and to view the judging of the Digital Image Competitions. This membership is ideal if you are unable to attend the club in person. To join as an online member, please send us a message via the contact page.

To compare full membership with ECC Online:

Standard MembershipECC online
Attend all meetingsYesNo
Attend 15 online meetingsYesYes
Enter club competitionsYesNo
Club nightsYesNo
Vote at AGMYesNo

Membership Subscription

For the year 2023 to 2024, subscriptions are:

Full Members£65
Under 16s£50
ECC Online£45

The Club Constitution is the set of rules that binds the club together. It is presented when you join but you can get a PDF copy here.

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Privacy Policy

We have some personal information about you when you become a member in order to communicate with you regularly and as part of the care for our members. You can find a copy of our Privacy Policy here.