Learning Zone

Submitting competition entriesDetails of where and when entries are to be submitted
Preparing images for digital projection competitionsThe way to ensure that your entries look at their best
A guide to mounting printsEntering print competitions can be a great way to be 'part of the action' and learn new skills. See your work compared against others and learn from the experience of our judges. You won't always agree with them but that is part of the fun.
A guide to photographic awards and distinctionsWorking towards photographic distinctions can be a very rewarding, if at times frustrating, process. In most cases people are able to develop skills that will enable them to achieve greater success in club competitions.
A guide to exposure - getting it rightGetting the exposure of an image correct is critical to achieving the result that you want. This article the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity.
Using a Longridge Mat CutterIn this YouTube clip the inventor of the Longridge mounting systems demonstrates the 'Duo System'.