Now There’s a Bright Spark

Another first for ECC – a live photoshoot shared with members via Zoom. Andrew, ably assisted by Roland, led participants through all the stages of producing an image combining a traditional sparkler with a modern electric lightbulb. The session commenced with Andrew explaining his intentions and the setup being used. Then using tethered shooting, so that we could all see what was being taken, Andrew took a series of images with and without the sparkler being lit. The images were taken into Lightroom where the best of both types was selected. Those images were emailed through to participants for them to manipulate if they wished. The final stage in production was bring the images together to appear as one. Using Photoshop, Andrew took members through the process of combining the two images. This involved the use of blending modes, a layer mask and selective brushing through to reveal elements. The final task was a little cloning to make the image complete.

Those present thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the opportunity to acquire new skills ‘live’. Andrew indicated that in addition to the images he will circulate the necessary instructions via an email. He encouraged members to practice merging the images using their own software and send him the results.

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