Oui c’est Boou

Yes it’s Boou. On Monday evening we were joined by a charming French model of the name. Our President, Andrew, led the evening and supplied all his own lighting equipment and props.

Following introductions and initial set-up Andrew demonstrated the effects of using a single light source, such as a flashgun. He showed how the positioning of the model in relation to the background can control shadows and contrast. Members had the opportunity to take several images each. Boou was very obliging in striking different poses after each shot. Andrew then went on to demonstrate the effect of adding an additional light source and diffusers to the set-up. Members enjoyed comparing their results and on occasion sharing equipment so that all could participate. Following a short break, when Boou changed her outfit, Andrew introduced a third light to provide a degree of rim-lighting to Boou’s hair. Andrew also persuaded Boou, a very willing model, to have a spattering of blue and orange paint applied to her face to create a somewhat different type of portrait from the norm. The time sped by although all had the chance to capture a range of images.

The evening concluded by all present thanking Andrew and Boou for their combined efforts to make a very enjoyable photographic evening.

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