PhotoEntry Goes Live

29 October was the first occasion when the new, online, PhotoEntry system was used for a competition.  Under new arrangements members enter titles and images for digital and print competitions, up to the closing date, using a simple online system.  Should they choose to edit or change an entry they can login once again to do so.  After the closing date entries are processed and uploaded ready for the competition night.  After the competition there is a faster turn round in results, which members can view online in much greater detail than was previously the case.

The system has many advantages for members such as having their entries validated in real-time.  Should anything be amiss with their entry members will note a warning message advising what has to be corrected.  Once everything is in order an ‘OK’ message confirms safe receipt.  Members will also now have the ability to view their entries and scores for all competitions.  

The new system also enables members to receive, via email, score sheets showing all the entries for a competition which they can view at leisure.

The closing date for the submission of entries is midnight the Thursday before a competition for Digital Competitions and midnight of the Monday when prints are collected for Print Competitions.

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