Portraits with Panikos – Session 3

The third session of ‘Portraits with Panikos’ saw us working with two models again. Alycia, one of our models from the previous week was joined by Jemma. Once again Andrew brought along all his lighting equipment and the room was sub-divided so that two groups could work simultaneously. In one half Panikos set up and demonstrated ‘clam shell lighting, using a main light and reflector to produce twin catchlights. Additional lights were used to separate the model from the background and provide a degree of rim lighting. Here members took turns of using a flash trigger to set off the lights.

In the other half of the room a ‘continuous lighting’ system was employed. Here a greater number of members could all take photos at the same time.

The models alternated between the two lighting set-ups and Panikos provided guidance and advice on how to get the best results.

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