Principles of Photography

On Monday 20th March we will be joined via Zoom by Phil Savoie BS MS MFA for his presentation on The Principles of Photography. Phil previously worked for 11 years as a senior member of the BBC Natural History Unit.

In his own words this will be “A photographic journey of self-improvement to create images with impact. If you want to kick start your photo mojo this talk is it! Learn how to up your photo game with award-winning BBC cameraman Phil Savoie. We’ll cover topics not often discussed from eye line & the psychology of perspective, the science of lens testing & optical physics, aperture choice as a storytelling device as well as the odd location war story. Pro tips for participants to grow as photographers; to produce higher image quality, advance storytelling skills and develop artistic acumen. Illustrated with local British images, covering all genres – wildlife, landscape, sport, people & astrophotography. The thrust of Principles of Photography is to share years of hard-won knowledge and inspire with easy practical shooting methods that result in noticeable improvement straight away. “

This should make for a very entertaining and informative evening.

Some more of Phil’s work can be found on his website

This presentation will be via Zoom.

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  1. Seton During 18/03/2023 at 11:59 am #

    Please kindly provide ZOOM ID & Passcode for Phil Savole’s 20th March 2023 presentation. Thank you, and oblige.

    Seton During

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