Printer of the Year

Playful Young Otters by Sue Webster

Female Banded Demoiselle Eating a Fly by Sue Webster

Last Monday saw our last competition of the year.

It was the culmination of the year’s print competitions with the option for members to enter 3 “home printed” images with a 4th print held back in case of a tie-break.

The very well deserved winner was Sue Webster. The original 3 images were “Almost Human”, “Female Banded Demoiselle Eating a Fly” and “Playful Young Otters”. This led to a joint first place with “Low Flying Great Grey Owl” providing the decider.

Almost Human by Sue Webster

Low Flying Great Grey Owl by Sue Webster

Our judge for the evening was Dr Roger Winter from Brentwood and District Photographic Club. Dr Winter made it an interesting evening and brought us along the journey with a light and easy manner but some clear indications of the reason behind the scoring. 

Congratulations Sue – great pictures.

(Click on thumb nails for full size pictures)

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