Send in the Cavalry

Setting up the shot

It was with some disappointment that we found out that the the fire eater booked to be our subject last Monday had hurt herself whilst performing. That would normally have ruined the evening but in the event the cavalry arrived in the shape of  Andrew Ridley.

Jenny drops her strawberry!!!

With his boyish grin and self-deprecating charm, Andrew rode into Millfield Theatre. OK, he was in a van, not on a horse, but it was packed with kit that allowed the club to practise some rootin’ tootin’ techniques for creating exciting pictures. (OK enough with the wild west stuff)

Andrew only had an hour’s notice but used the time to raid the fridge for props (tomatoes and strawberries), his wife’s dressing table (make-up brushes and talcum) and his store of flashes, umbrellas backgrounds and props. He probably also had to raid the local cash and carry for the quantity of batteries needed to power all of the controlled lightening.

Three of four tables were set up to tackle various tasks and and a couple of shots demonstrating the outcome can be seen below. Instructions were issued and there was a remarkable degree of co-operation while members helped each other set up shots and improve the pictures. I’m not sure who will be able to say who owns any specific picture!

The outcome was a fantastic evening for members who must have carried away the inspiration to go and try out some of the ideas for themselves. Thanks Andrew.

Here are a couple of the pictures captured on the night. 


Beauty Brush

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