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Getting Physical

On Monday 16th October Naomi Saul ARPS DPAGB EFIAP ASWINWP visited us at Millfield House for a print presentation. It was good to see prints for a change and after showing each print and talking […]

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Back to Normality

On Monday we had our first in-person talk at Millfield House for a couple of years, courtesy of Daniel Bridge. It was great to be in the room; the ability to ask questions and interact […]

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Photographic Feelings

On Monday we had a brilliant talk from Huw Alban about injecting some emotion or feeling into our images. How breaking the “rules” can evoke a subconscious response in the viewer. How we should be […]

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Light Fantastic

On Monday we were treated to a fantastic evening of Light Painting organised and run by our member Robert Snary. Robert brought along and array of light generating equipment including light sticks, a multi-fibre optic […]

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A Great Start

A great first half from Jane Goodall on Monday. Jane showed us some fantastic images and explained the technical setup behind them, the compositional elements that make for a great picture and how our landscape […]

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Fab Evening

On Monday we were treated to a fantastic set of images from Vanda Ralevska who visited us in person at Millfield House. It was great to see her in person after the last few years.Vanda […]

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Playing with Light

On Monday 5th December we will welcome David Gilliver for his talk The Magical Art of Light Painting. David will discuss camera settings, equipment and how the weather can affect the results. He will show […]

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Freestyle Creations

A different set of images to the normal fare were presented on Monday by Lisa Rendall. Using a variety of techniques including intentional camera movement, over exposure and double exposure as well as post processing, […]

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On Monday 21st November we will be entertained by Lisa Rendall aka The Rebel of the Art of PhotographyLisa is a self taught photographer, previously having had a career as a Choreographer on TV in […]

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Mono Magic

On Monday we had an inspiring talk from Kylie-ann Martin EFIAP, BPE2, CPAGB, LDPS using her mono images. A wide range of subjects including architecture, people nature, close-up and much more made for an entertaining […]

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Journey in Mono

On Monday 24th October 2022 we have a Zoom talk from Kylie-ann Martin EFIAP, BPE2, CPAGB, LDPS who will be telling us how she got into photography and how, as a disabled photographer she is […]

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Getting Close

On Monday we had a fantastic talk on Macro Photography from Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5*. He covered a range of subjects from butterflies and moths, through fungi and flowers to reptiles. All through […]

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Nature in Macro Photography

On Monday 10th October we will welcome Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5* for a Zoom lecture on macro photography in nature. He will cover butterflies, reptiles, dragonflies, damselflies, wild flowers, fungi and much more. […]

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Underwater Fantasia

On Monday we had another fantastic talk on underwater photography from David Keep FBPE. This time he focussed on the bigger creatures from curious Manatees through beautiful Whale Sharks, agile Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks to […]

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UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY 2 – the BIG stuff from manatees to crocodiles

Monday 26th September will see the return of David Keep FBPE to the club to give a follow on to last year’s fantastic talk, this time focussing on bigger creatures. Crocodiles, whale sharks, manatees, hammerhead […]

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Action All The Way

We had a fantastic Sports photography talk from Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5* on Monday. Roger’s skills and experience shone through with a wide range of sports covered from Whitewater events through Athletics, Rugby, […]

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All Day Long

On Monday we were treated to a fantastic talk from David Jenner. The first half was about his night and day panoramas and how he would spend 12 or more hours in the same spot […]

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Night & Day Panoramas

On Monday 11th April we will be treated to a whole day images as David Jenner presents his unique Night and Day panoramic images and describes how he captures and processes them. We will also […]

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Photographers vs Judges

On Monday Steven Galvin LRPS entertained us with a talk from 2 perspectives. Firstly about being critical of our own images and the way we can improve them. Following or not following the “rules”, including […]

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Judge, Jury, and Executioner!

On Monday 21st March we will be in court with Steven Galvin LRPS. Steven has enthusiastically and successfully competed at club level and above since 2006, and has been judging since early 2017. As a […]

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