The Beautiful Light part 2

Following the technical problems on Monday 30th January we will be joined on Monday 24th April on Zoom by Jane Goodall for the second part of her talk The Beautiful Light.

Join us to find out about
• her favourite destinations and how she works the light and location for maximum effect.
• essential kit for a landscape photographer, some of which might surprise you.
• see how she uses the latest Apps to optimise her choice of landscape locations.
• how she considers the critical differences in the camera’s light capturing process and her own perception that requires sensitive post processing techniques to enhance the atmosphere and impact of the image.
• what ‘not to do’ and other tips to avoid some landscape photography slipups
• Thinking beyond the flat, new ways of using your images in different formats to create different interactions and experiences

Jane will share her post processing approach and include a few photoshop confessions as well. It should make for an entertaining and educational evening once again.

Some more of Jane’s work can be found at

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