Visit from Malcolm Bumstead

This splendid report by Edmonton Camera club member Marilyn Steward.

On 5th November, Malcolm Bumstead from East Ipswich Camera Club came to Edmonton CC to share his photographs with us.  Malcolm has a very creative style which has gained him many accolades over the years. 

99 Red Balloons by Malcolm Bumstead

Malcolm told us how his thought processes for an image often started from those many well-known phrases or sayings that are used, e.g. ‘The actress and the bishop’ or ’99 red balloons’.  Then he goes about photographing the elements necessary to create that image.  He uses Photoshop to bring the elements together and to construct the end image.  By way of explaining his process Malcolm had taken a screen shot of a few of his working

Hot Legs, Goes under the Hammer by Malcolm Bumstead

Photoshop files where we were able to see that there were upwards of 50 layers.

Malcolm enjoys telling stories within his images which seem to be getting more complicated as the years go by.  His image of ‘The naughty step’ was particularly complex and the more you looked at it the more intriguing it became especially when explained by Malcolm.

Malcolm’s work certainly gave us ‘food for thought’ when constructing our own images in the future.  He thought that clubs which had set subjects/themes on their programmes were good as they got photographers thinking.

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Tulip by Malcolm Bumstead

Alone with Mr Punch by Malcolm Bumstead

Loneliness by Malcolm Bumstead

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  1. Jenny Burden 09/11/2018 at 1:51 pm #

    Good write up Marilyn, sadly I had a cold and missed the evening, sounds like I missed a good one.

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