What’s the Point?

The point is question is the single mark that separated Edmonton CC and Loughton CC at their inter-club digital battle on 3rd June.

The two clubs meet each year, at alternating venues, for a very inclusive event. The battle is different from the norm as the entry is comprised of an image from every competing member. Any imbalance in numbers is adjusted by the inclusion of one or two extras.

The judge on this occasion was the popular Roger Winter. Roger analysed each of the 72 entries, complementing the authors on aspects that he favoured whilst offering suggestions as to how things may have been done differently to enhance an image. There were images representing just about every genre of photography.

At the end of the evening, when all the scores were totted up Loughton emerged the winners – their score of 631 topped Edmonton by a single point.

We look forward to the return battle at Loughton next year when hopefully the tables will be turned.

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